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Management Liability Insurance

Safeguard Your Leadership with Wright Insurance’s Management Liability Insurance

Operating a business comes with its set of risks, including the possibility of personal liability for the management team. Wright Insurance’s Management Liability Insurance offers crucial protection for directors, managers, and employees against lawsuits stemming from their business decisions or actions.

Understanding Management Liability Insurance

This insurance is designed to shield you from the repercussions of mismanagement, providing coverage across several key areas:

Directors & Officers Liability

This safeguards current and past company officers, including directors and any employees in management roles, against a range of claims such as manslaughter, misrepresentation, and more.

EG: Manslaughter charges, misrepresentation accusations, allegations of unfair competition,

Investigations by regulatory bodies like the ACCC,

insolvent trading, theft of trade secrets.

At Wright Insurance, we understand that every rental property is unique. We offer tailored Landlord insurance policies that match your specific needs, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Tailored Protection


Our team specialises in rental property risks and offers expert guidance to help you choose the right coverage. We're here to support you in making informed decisions about your property insurance.

Expert Support


With our Landlord Insurance, you can rest assured that your property and income are protected. We provide robust coverage for your rental investments, so you can focus on maximising your returns without worrying about potential risks.

Peace of Mind


Benefits of Partnering with Wright Insurance:
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