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Insurance Reinvented:
Elevating Safeguarding for Business Owners

Secure your businesses future with a complementary personalised risk assessment.


Committed to excellence


Expert Advice and Support

By utilising our service you gain access to experienced advisors who understand the nuances of different industries, which is invaluable in navigating the complexities of business insurance.


Access to a Broad Range of Products

Through our affiliation with the Steadfast Group, we offer access to a wide array of insurance products. This extensive range means that businesses can find nearly all the insurance solutions they need in one place with us, making the process more efficient and potentially more cost-effective.


Dedicated Broker

With a dedicated broker from Wright Insurance, you get personalised service and expert advice tailored to your business's needs. This ensures your coverage is precisely matched to your risks, offering comprehensive protection and peace of mind, while also being cost-effective.


About our Business

Our passion for business knows no bounds, extending far beyond the confines of a typical office.

As dedicated Insurance Brokers for over 10 years, when we decided to go out on our own - we delved deep into the industry, exploring what our unique place could be in the market.

What we found was truly revealing...

The market lacked brokers who deeply engaged with the specific insurance needs of varied industries throughout Australia.

After this discovery, we immediately got to work, committing ourselves to thoroughly understand the intricacies of business insurance.

This included delving into the complex risks tied to international supply chains and logistics, as well as keeping abreast of the newest trends and breakthroughs across different sectors of industry.

Whatever the challenge, we've become adept at navigating it.


Why You'll Love US

Experience business insurance crafted for success with Wright Insurance Brokers. As specialists, we design tailored coverage backed by the formidable Steadfast Group, ensuring access to a diverse range of products at competitive prices.


Why Choose Us

Claims Support

Our strong network and service guarantee ensures more robust support in the event of a claim.